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  • 2019-05-16
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About Supergram Pro - Super Advanced Messenger

Supergram Pro Messenger is Super Advanced messaging app. This version of Supergram (Pro) has not any ADS with more features. Supergram Messenger is 1 of the fastest and lightest, unofficial messaging application that uses Telegram's API. For those interested in maximum privacy, Supergram is best choice.

Supergram features:
- Download Manager: manage downloads in an advanced method at arbitrary time schedule. Downloads will start at the specified time.
- Advanced specific audience: be aware of being online and offline, change of photo and the name and phone number of the intended audience in the shortest time possible.
- Categorizing Chats: Categorize your chats in your customized way.
- Managing media and files: View and manage all media files at once.
- Advanced forward: Changing text before sending, changing or adding the text under picture or before sending a photo or video, adding text to Gif before sending, all with advanced forward.
- Separation of Posts: groups, channels, bots and contacts are placed in isolated tabs.
- Separation of chats at multiple forward
- Specific settings of every chat: Ability to set automatic download media for any dialogue
• Ability to set automatic download media for any dialogue
• Ability to shop files on external memory (in all versions of Android)
- Hiding channels, groups: the chance to hide chats in an advanced form and the ability to set a password for the hidden chats as numbers or text.
- Ability to bookmark dialog (so that in future reference to chat you know which notice you read)
- Ability to select all contacts in creating channel or group
- Ability to select a group or all contacts to add to the channel made
- Favorites and unread tabs: Always necessary conversations are within your reach in separate tabs. The ability for automatic download of the favorites chats.
- Selecting of stickers and Emoji: Adding favorites tab to display stickers and Emoji.
- Viewing the status of visitors’ audience in the Home: the Status of the latest Visitors audience is displayed with a colourful icon.
- ID locator: Using this feature, you can search and find mates through their ID.
- Forward without the quotes: You can display other messages without being called signaling and sending it to others.
- Changes of Contacts: report on the recent changes of contacts in the name, number or profile picture.
- The chance to make a theme: You can use our built-in templates and in addition, you will be able to make your own themes and share it.
- Delete contacts: You can delete contacts in groups and selectively.
- Ability to view subscription options quick in all chat and the ability to send text accompanying the video
- Changing the font: the ability to change and choose a font from among attractive fonts combination.
- Online contacts: View online contacts list.
- Separation of bilateral contacts: Contacts whose numbers you have appeared distinct.
- Marking the messages and the ability to notice signs
- The ability to activate and deactivate tabs of location
- Ability to send painting professionally
- Leaving the group with the chance of returning to Group
- Supporting Sweet Persian language
- Has very nice fonts
- Help for solar and Gregorian dates
- Distinction between bilateral contacts
- Admin finder of Group and Super Group
- Ability to remove a group of contacts
- Ability to draw and send a drawing
- Detailed view of the number of members and Views
- Going to the 1st notice of channels
- Saving messages on favorites page
- Super Toolbar
- Change the chat bubbles
- Change the quality of uploading images
- Online and offline contact notification
- Multi-account feature
- Proxy help for Socks5
- Supports MTProto proxy
- Advertising blocking
- Hide proxy channel support
- Present time edited messages
- And much more ...

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New Features: Version 5.4 (Autoplaying videos and automatic downloads):<br>- Upgrade to the latest version of the telegram<br>- Autoplaying videos. Videos in chats start playing automatically, press the volume buttons on your device to turn sound on.<br>- New settings for automatic media download. Control data consumption with granular precision or quickly switch between presets (Low/Medium/High).<br>- Logout alternatives. The logout menu now shows alternative options to logging out.<br>- Fix bugs for contact changes.

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More Info:
Device: 4.1 and up Content: Supergram Pro - Super Advanced Messenger hack tricks Rating: 4.5
Latest update: 2019-05-16 Downloads: 50- Type: reviews, guides, tips
Size: no data Title: Supergram Pro - Super Advanced Messenger cheats from players Device: Android
Author: BaranakCo File Name: com.baranakco.supergrampro Category: Communication
Added Version: 5.4.0 Content Rating: Teen Game type: Apk


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